This is a blog that demonstrates my design techniques and show various examples of my work ranging from ,Product design, Graphic Design, Web Design and CAD Design. From this I hope to gain your feedback and personal design thoughts on my work. If you are interested in anyway of any aspect of my work please feel free to contact me via the Contact tab. 


This blogs has also been set up to be a portfolio and hope to be invited to join to help with your project or company. I do freelance work, to do with the various design mentioned above so please feel free to contact me. I am not a professional but hopeful the more project I get the more experience i will gain, saying this i do not charge ridiculous rates i charge reasonable rate per hour or project depending in the intensity of the work you wish to be completed.



6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Thanks for dropping a like and following, your designs are really good! Nice to hear from another designer 🙂

    • No problem, Did you use pro marker to make that design?, are you taking any design subject at school or college? . Your designs are well put together just keep working on your drawing you will get better. try to draw some of your work then scan them in to photoshop or illustrator and re edit them just so they look a little more slick. Please share my work , I got a few more designs to up load and a video so check it out when its up.

      • I used a 4th gen iPod touch with an app called ‘Art Studio’, it’s got tools pretty similar to pro marker though so I find it useful. I took standard grade Art & Design at school and since half of the folio is design I get a lot of time to develop ideas. thanks for your advice, I’ve not been using the app for long and it’s tricky to be 100% accurate on an iPod, but I’ll definitely re-edit them on something. Will-do, I’ll be sure to watch it when it’s out!

    • Hey man thanks for following, I use Cinema 4d To do my CAD work and after effects once I have made them just for that extra look, or use photoshop just to add in text and a better poster/advert feel. I use photoshop and illustrator for my logo design work and general work layout.

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