bright impressions

It should be evident from this second series of inspirational designs that I am fond of color as an element to a buildings design. As Le Corbusier quotes Léger: “Man needs color to live, it is just as necessary an element as water or fire”; here he explained how color can change space perception of architecture. The Oxford Biochemistry Building designed by Hawkins/Brown is a beautiful, innovative and a functional building that lends itself eloquently to Le Corbusier’s design.

paul-klee-color-studyWhat was striking about this building is alongside that of Le Corbusier is its affinity to the art of Paul Klee. Who like Le Corbusier experimented with and eventually mastered color theory, and wrote extensively about it. Klee’s depictions of nature like that of a child’s polymorphous free water color painting is a language of signs, lines and colors. To this end the colored glass fins all around the…

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