blue dasher dragonfly

Perhaps the best definition of “art” is the more perfunctory one that goes something like “creative work or exertion resulting in the production of tangible objects such as paintings, sculptures, films, music, literature, dance, theater etc.” There is some arbitrariness as to which “objects” qualify as art. Loosely speaking, anything created could be “artfully” done: a plain rectangular picture frame we intuitively know is not a piece of art, but a sculpted, ornate frame becomes a different thing. The differences lies in an artistic measure, and this measure is what the perfunctory definition fails to account for. For myself, the unit of measurement (so to speak) is the celebration of truth. It is no surprise that in bygone ages only depictions of religious icons were considered legitimate, the Christian god being the one and only unimpeachable truth.

Likewise a “celebration” needs its own definition, which I submit as an expression…

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