Memento Mori

Yes. The title was just a dirty trick to test traffic. Did it work?

*If feline friendliness doesn’t appeal to you, and I understand that it shan’t, skip half way down*

Another cat inspired post? I spend far too much time inside these 4 walls, I have little less for thought. Poppy, the mother cat, the oldest of them all is still alive and going strong. Her son and muscat would bully her to keep her away from the bedrooms and she’d spend most of her time at night under my bed. After graduating nearly 3 years ago I was home for 4 months in-between the July and August I spent in Spain and the move to Madrid in January ’11 to teach English. During this time Poppy became very fond of sleeping on or between my legs, meaning that in my subconscious sleep I’d wake up in…

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